A Professional Portrait Artist from the age of 19 with over 30 years of life casting as her sole support, Ann Lyneah Curtis offers what no other artist can. Presenting her work directly to the public has given Ann an unparalleled collection of life casting styles to choose from.

Offering Life Casting from coast to coast Ann's artwork resonates on a basic human level and her clientele are world wide.

"My past clients are my most loyal following, I see them again and again, as their families grow. It is not uncommon to have made castings of several generations." Through her castings, Ann documents children's journeys into adulthood.

Leaving Home at Age 18, Ann started her artistic career in New Orleans. She worked on Jackson Square creating portraits in pastels and charcoal. For two years Ann sold directly to visitors of the Historic French Quarter, honing her unique style.

From New Orleans she toured with an artist collective, which brought Ann to San Antonio, Texas. Here she began her academic training and continued with her professional artistic endeavors.

Opening her own gallery at the age of 21 led to commissions from the community at large. Theater design and stage work provided Ann with the many connections necessary to begin workshops in both youth and college classes in costume and make-up, clay and mixed media.

Ann's Involvement in the Texas Art scene brought her to the attention of the San Antonio Museum of Art. To fill a request for submission to their One Hundred Year Time Capsule, Ann created a face casting that will be unveiled in the year 2081 A.D.

Looking for a new way to approach her art, Ann began to offer direct sales to the public. It was an easy step into the Renaissance Theme Faires. An historically accurate form of portraiture, life casting has been her primary source of artistic gratification since 1986.

Invited to participate in the Southern California Renaissance Faire in 1989, Ann's work in body casting took off. As her client's tastes have evolved, so too has Ann's repertoire. From face castings to kiss castings to double body castings, Ann has created a testimony to the beauty of the human form.

Please Spend a Little Time perusing her galleries, exploring the stylized Wall Masks, the sculptural works; from Urn to Cookie Jar to Frontal Busts. Body Castings; from simple torsos to the Lover's Embrace, to Ann's homage to the spirit of creation, the Pregnancy Castings; Belly Bowls to Full Torsos. The Baby Butt completes the circle, the "perfect ending to a new beginning."

Stop in and view the collection of Hand Castings; the two lover's "Valentine", the "Family" of three to five hands or the ancestral cast of a parent and child.

Ann Lyneah Curtis is
Masquerade Life Casting creator
of the Ultimate Portrait!