The body casting offers you the opportunity to create a larger "canvas". These works incorporate your fantasies in design. In capturing the diverse "line" of each human body; the underling muscle, the push and pull of the body's form, Ann's work takes on a greater grandeur.

In this class of casting there is no other artist offering the variety or quality of work. As a custom art work, the double body castings are unique to Masquerade Life Casting.

From the simplest of upper torso molds to the complexity of the double body casting, Ann excels in creating a finished work of art of museum quality, which will add grace and beauty to any home.

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  • upper torso
    the Upper Torso
  • upper torso draped with seaweed and pearls
    Sea Ribbon

The body casting is the most versatile
and complete interpretation of the individual.
Honoring the spirit of humanity through art.

  • upper back to thigh cast
    the Back
  • upper back to thigh cast
    Fall Leaves
  • upper back to thigh cast
    Sea Swept

In viewing the human body, our senses
reflect the inner response that is occurring.
The line of a shoulder blade, the lift of the breast,
all contribute to the overall to the appreciation
of the finished artwork.

  • upper back to thigh cast
  • upper back casting tied with rope
    the Roman Slave
  • upper torso and face with leaves and vine adornment
  • upper torso and face with leaves and roses
    Rose Red