This gallery comprises the more extensive body castings that Ann has created. Full body castings from head to thigh, the double body casting and the extended double body casts.

Whether ornately flourished with leaves, or draped in fabric and pearls, these are the special artworks that can be found nowhere else on the planet.

When contemplating a finished custom order, whatever your desires, you will find no other artist capable melding your vision into artistic reality.

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  • upper torso and face with leaves and vine adornment
    the Sea Nymph
  • upper torso, arm and head
    The Offering
  • thigh to head with twist showing butt and breast
  • head to thigh with sea shell ardornments
    Mermaid Queen

The Double Body Castings are unique to Ann,
she began offering them in 1993, and they have been a constant
source of inspiration for lovers of all ages.

  • double body casting embellished with leaves and shells
    Double Body
    with Sea Shells
  • double body casting odorned with a smattering of leaves
    Double Body
  • double body casting with an abundance of leaves
    Double Body
    with Flowers & Leaves

From a classical humanist tradition
the body casting can move into pure fantasy,
incorporating any elements you may find, . . . intriguing.

  • upper torso and face with leaves and vine adornment
    Venus in Transit

For the last 15 years Ann has created nipple castings,
as gifts for friends, with magnets or pinbacks.
As their popularity has grown, requests for personal castings
have also increased, adding a new genre to her art…

  • nipple cast
    Nipple Castings