Spring of 2020

Private appointments are available for Life Castings. These can be easily scheduled in one of three ways; 1) emailing Ann, (which Ann checks daily), 2) by calling Ann's cellular phone, 717 460 7631, (checked daily when at shows, less often while at home), or 3) by calling her at home, 830 864 5327, (checked daily when at home, less often while at shows).

Ann has been given the prestigious honor of being the one chosen to recast select pieces from the impressive Hutton Collection at McDaniel College. This vast collection houses over 60 life and death masks from all over the world.

In 2014, Ann completed refurbishing and recasting 13 of the American faces, including Lincoln, Washington, Lee and Grant. The one of John L. Sullivan being the the most complex as the original cast was in shards — over 8 pieces.

In 2015, she was been commissioned again to recast 12 from the European side of the collection.

Ann extends sincere thanks to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for 25 fantastic years!. Masquerade Life Casting has now retired from MDRF and will not be returning in 2020.

This does not mean Ann has retired!

Castings can still be ordered.

If you have previous molds you wish to have castings made from, or if there’s a new casting you want done of yourself or a loved one, you can still contact her regarding an order.

Ann has been invited back to Scarborough Renaissance Festival in 2020!
She will be a guest artist for the first and second weekends of May, the 2nd & 3rd and the 9th & 10th. She is located right inside the front gate to the left, next to the ATM.

She will be available for week day appointments in the Dallas Metroplex. Email for fastest response.

This will be the last time Masquerade Life Casting will be present in a public forum. If you have EVER desired a LifeCasting, this is your best opportunity.

Ann Lyneah Curtis is
Masquerade Life Casting creator
of the Ultimate Portrait!