Ann has created literally thousands of personalized life castings. Her face masks come in a wide variety themes. From a simple face mask with color rub to a much more ornate spirit mask, which uses imagery from your dreams, or your inner desires.

Ann offers families the chance to combine multiple faces together, either individually or connected as one piece.

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More Information About That Mask.
  • the interior of intial cast
    Initial Plaster
  • mask with lace around the face
    Plain Face Mask
    with Lace
  • simple face mask with green rub
    Simple Mask
    w/Color Rub

The face acts as the window into the soul.
Through the expression of emotion
we present our essence to the world.

  • mask with broken edges to simulate antiquity
    Etruscan Face Mask
  • planter with teal rub & fall leaves
  • face of bronzed effect
    Face with
    Bronzed Glazing
  • a spray of leaves and acorns
    Acorn Leaves
  • a spray of leaves and lilac
    Leaf & Lilac
  • mask with seashells and pearls
    the Mermaid
  • face mask of the green man
    the Green Man
  • a spray of leaves and lilac
    the Woodland
  • wolf and feather imagery
    the Wolf Spirit

Ancestral History through Art.

  • night and wing, with rustling leaves
    Fairy Moon
  • wind and night, the dance of feathers
    Night Wind