In this gallery we explore the more elaborate masks available. Beginning with the family groupings, in which a single work can encompass a family of faces, and moving into the realms of the fantastic, with a more themed genre of masks.

Whether incorporating shields and armor, or representing the face as the sun, these works are a little more playful.

Ann's creativity thrives when challenged to fabricate a vision described to her by her cliental. Many of the masks on this page were the final results of just those challenges.

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  • face mask of the green man
    Cheek To Cheek
    with Flowers
  • 2 faces on one mask with leaves and grapes
    Cheek To Cheek
  • two faces with drapery
    Lovers Repose
  • four faces connected with leaves and flowers
    Three Faces
    Side by Side

There is nothing that can equal a face casting
as the means by which ancestral linage is created.
Offering ourselves to the future as a work of art is an unparalleled experience.

  • face mask with celtic knot work
    the Celtic Knot
  • face mask with celtic knot work with roses
    the Celtic Knot
    with Roses
  • face mask of the wizard
  • face and neck, wearing a fantasy helmut
    Dragon Slayer
  • one ring to rule them all
    Ring Bearer

As the mask becomes more of a reflection of our personality,
it then acts as the mirror by which we may
divine our inner most desires.

  • face mask with armour
    the Knight
  • face mask with armour
  • face mask with armour
    Joan D'Arc
  • mask of the ice queen
    Ice Queen
  • faerie face mask