In this gallery Ann has created works that carry life masks into a distinct new direction. Choosing her materials with care, she broken all barriers between portraiture and fine art.

The masks represented here offer you a new way of looking at yourself, or a loved one. Using the fashions of Venice to create a completely unique Carnival Mask, or the simplicity of the Orient to combine bamboo and metal, this gallery shows the true artistry that truly makes Ann's Masquerade Life Casting, the Ultimate Portrait.

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  • mask with clay feathers around the facemask with clay feathers around the face
  • mask representing the harvest with grapes and leavesmask representing the harvestwith grapes and leaves
  • face mask with seashellsface mask with seashells

A floral motif adds to the face casting
by extending the beauty of the mask
to include the world around us.

  • mask with flowers and animal shieldsmask with flowers and animal shields
    the Magic Garden
  • trumpet flowers and vines with facetrumpet flowers and vines with face
    Flower Vine
  • mask with spring flowersmask with spring flowers
    Spring Garland
  • face framed by butterfly wingsface framed by butterfly wings
  • mask on wooden scone with flower adornmentmask on wooden scone with flower adornment
    Drapery Sconce

These works represent a transition,
moving from classic portraiture into the providence
of eternal art. Something any family
would be honored to have through out history

  • face mask with fabric and beads, venitian stylingface mask with fabric and beads, venitian styling
    the Courtesan
  • mask done in the style of Klimtmask done in the style of Klimt
  • bamboo and clay simulate oriental serenitybamboo and clay simulate oriental serenity