Ann's Feature Fantasy Portraits are hand drawn "Prisma Color" pencil portraits. For the most part these drawings are in an 8 by 10 format, a larger format is possible by request.

You may order a portrait of yourself or a loved one by by emailing Ann your request. Be sure to include a return phone number, for a prompt response. Ann will need either a high resolution JPEG image or a photograph of the person she will be drawing. Having several different images of the subject assists Ann in "seeing" the person completely.

In choosing the image you want reproduced, please make sure that the subject's features are distinct and fill the viewable image. A photo of someone in a crowd from a distance is not a good image to choose.

You May Click On Any Image to see
More Information About About That Style of Portrait.
  • single facesingle face
  • double portraitdouble portrait
  • family of fourfamily of four
    Family of

Ann has also created graphite portraits,
in essence mimicking a black and white photograph.
In truth, this was made from a color image.

  • family of fourfamily of four
    Family in

Ann can also include
favorite animal friends, either with a person
or all on their own.

  • kitty and friendkitty and friend
    Kitty with
  • man's best friendman's best friend
    Labrador Retriever
  • pup dog with stickpup dog with stick
    Pup Dog with

The next portraits show Ann's grasp of the human form.
In most instances she has taken the photograph,
but this does not have to be the case.

  • nude with rose petalsnude with rose petals
    Reclining Nude
    with Rose Petals
  • reclining nudereclining nude
    Nude Reclining
    in Grasses
  • seated nude with hatseated nude with hat
    Seated Nude
    with Hat
  • embracing nudesembracing nudes
    Portrait of
  • seated nude with hatseated nude with hat
    Naked Beneath
    Our Clothes