Ann Lyneah Curtis is the Force behind Feature Fantasies, a whole new way to look at portraiture. Starting with a high quality photographic image, Ann uses this as the basis for a Hand Drawn Prisma Color Pencil Original. Each commission offers you the chance to create any fantasy you desire. See examples of these works by clicking here.

"I have been creating portraiture of one kind or another since I was six," Ann says. "Using this medium presents me with the liberty to enhance a person's attributes, while fashioning whatever fantasy they desire."

Ann's Feature Fantasies are a innovative concept she devised when a photo shoot went awry. The resulting photographs were over exposed, leaving her with a lightened base that she decided to play with. Colored Pencils were the perfect answer for image manipulation of the snapshots. The result is that you can now have a Fantasy Portrait produced from your photo or hers!

These works can be ordered directly from Ann at any of her shows in person, or here through the internet. The cost of these 8" X 10" full color hand drawn portraits range $85 for a single face up, to include anything you may want as your own Feature Fantasy. Ann now offers a 12" X 17" finished work as well. These larger format drawings give her the opportunity to expand on the full body portraits and family groupings, reasonably priced to accommodate.

Prices are based on a single portrait. Additional people can be incorporated for a nominal fee. Please visit the Feature Fantasy gallery page for more information regarding the styles of portraits available.

If you decide this is the type of portrait that you want there are two ways to begin the process for your portrait:

First, would be to Email Ann. For this, you will need to include a contact phone number and type of portrait you are interested in commissioning. Ann will contact you back to get payment information and let you know the type of image she can work with. Until our paypal account is created, we do not recommend sending credit card information over the internet.

Second, You may call 830 864-5327. Please keep in mind that there are times when the answering machine may not be checked for up to 5 business days.

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