Ann Lyneah Curtis is the artist behind Masquerade Life Casting and she believes you really should give of yourself to Loved Ones this Christmas. Capturing the features of the face, hands or body has never been easier. Ann uses a fast setting medical grade plaster gauze bandage that form fits to the features being cast, right down to eyebrow and eyelash, nipple and knuckle, this is then used as the mould for a perfect life cast portrait finished in white or terra cotta stoneware and mixed media.

There is no other form of portraiture that offers such exacting detail, presenting familial lineage in dramatic fashion. The Life Casting contains the essence of all that is you. This is timeless art for genrerations to come. The 10 minute free breathing process makes it easy for all ages. Even children as young as 5 find it relaxing to sit for the casting, fascinated by the wonder of it all.

Ann Lyneah Curtis and Masquerade Life Casting are available for personal life castings in Ann Arbor, MI at the State Street Art Fair, July 18th - 21th, 2012, booth 545 on Maynard, between Liberty & William.

Please take a tour of her works. The Galleries include faces, hands and whole bodies. Visit the StoryBook MasterWorks, a collection of three dimensional canvases, incorporating painting and casting blended into conceptual mythology unlike anything anywhere.


Ann Lyneah Curtis
1029 KC 434
Harper, Texas 78631
830 864 5327

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