Ann's hand painted neckties have been exclusively offered through her sole Texas venue, the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, for the past ten years. She has created hundreds of original designs that have kept her cliental returning for more year after year.

This gallery of ties is divided into five sub-categories; 1) Musicians, 2) Comic Book, 3) Pin-up styles and 4) Nudes. You are now on the first gallery, that of musicians, both historical and imagined.

You may order any tie by emailing Ann your request. Be sure to include a return phone number, for a prompt response. As each work is an original, we will try to make sure that all ties on display are available.

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  • Ringo Starr, mop-topRingo Starr, mop-top
    Ringo Starr
  • Django Reinhardt, jazz guitaristDjango Reinhardt, jazz guitarist
    Django Reinhardt
    jazz guitarist
  • Jimi Hendrix, blues electric guitaristJimi Hendrix, blues electric guitarist
    Jimi Hnedrix
    blues guitarist

The tradition of wearable art stems from the hand painted ties of the 1940's.
Many of which were created in Southern California.
Ann's ties continue in that tradition, offering original wearable art.

  • Howling Wolf, blues guitaristHowling Wolf, blues guitarist
    Howling Wolf
    blues guitarist
  • James Browm, soul singerJames Browm, soul singer
    James Brown
    soul singer
  • Billie Holiday, blues vocalistBillie Holiday, blues vocalist
    Billie Holiday
    blues vocalist
  • Elvis Presley, rock n' rollElvis Presley, rock n' roll
    Elvis Presley
    rock n' blues vocalist
  • Nat King Cole, pianistNat King Cple, pianist
    Nat King Cole
    swing pianist
  • Patty Smith, rock vocalistPatty Smith, rock vocalist
    Patty Smith
    rock vocalist
  • Miles on trumpetMiles on trumpet
    Miles Davis
    jazz trumpet
  • John Coltrane, jazz saxophonistJohn Coltrane, jazz saxophonist
    John Coltrane
    jazz saxophonist
  • Queen Ida, zydeco accordionistQueen Ida, zydeco accordionist
    Queen Ida
    zydeco musician

This ends the musician portrait ties,
the remaining ties in the musical theme have been created
from Ann's imagination.

  • Cowgirl guitaristCowgirl guitarist
    on the Range
  • Female guitaristFemale guitarist
    on the Six String
  • tenor sax playertenor sax player
  • pianistpianist
    the Ivories
  • pianistpianist
    Jazz, Man!