Pin-up girls have been a part of neck tie art since the early 1940's. Classic ties from this era would have the scantily clad or nude pin-up image on the inside of the tie body. This style of tie is highly collectable, and can bring a high price.

This selection of art is reminiscent of that era. A time when the great pin-up artists were making their art. We hope that Ann's ties live up to their glory and your expectations. We start this gallery of pin-ups with the most famous pin-up girl in history, the illustrious Betty Page.

Other galleries in the tie section include; 1) Musicians, 2) Comic Book, and 3) Nudes.

You may order any tie by emailing Ann your request. Be sure to include a return phone number, for a prompt response. As each work is an original, we will try to make sure that all ties on display are available.

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  • pin-up tie, Bettie Pagepin-up tie, Bettie Page
    Hi Honey!
    (Bettie Page)
  • pin-up tie, Bettie Pagepin-up tie, Bettie Page
    Bettie Page
  • pin-up tie, Marilyn Monroepin-up tie, Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe,
    (You Silly Boy)
  • pin-up tiepin-up tie
    What Am I
  • circus girlcircus girl
    Circus Queen
  • pin-up tiepin-up tie
    Windy Day
  • pin-up tiepin-up tie
    Jungle Queen
  • pin-up tiepin-up tie
    Morning Coffee
  • pin-up tiepin-up tie
  • pin-up tiepin-up tie
    The O.K.