This, then, is the final tie gallery. Herein are Ann's more risque ties. Each one a work of art, and, a thing of beauty.

Previous galleries included; 1) Musicians, 2) Comic Book, and 3) Pin-up styles.

You may order any tie by emailing Ann your request. Be sure to include a return phone number, for a prompt response. As each work is an original, we will try to make sure that all ties on display are available.

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  • Nude on silkNude on silk
    Silk Garters
  • Nude on tieNude on tie
  • Nude on tieNude on tie
    Got Time
    To Talk?

The painting of nudes on neckwear has always had a hint of humor.
On the ties from the 1940's there could be 'wolf' cartoons or situations
to evoke a smile. we hope that these ties will also please.

  • Nude on tieNude on tie
    Long, Black
  • Nude on tieNude on tie
    For Me…?