Tie Tackie Hand Painted Neck Ties are the result of Ann's fondness for 1940's neck ties and the discovery of hand painted nudes and pin-ups from the "California" line of ties. Obtaining a bag full of ties headed to the dumpster, Ann decided to play with image of her favorite pin-up, Bettie Page.

Tie Tackie was born.

Ann's search for the highest quality neck tie spans the country. Seeking out vintage and thrift stores, she carefully evaluates each tie for several criteria. Age, as the older ties have an eternal beauty, Quality, Color, Design and Texture all factor in to whether a tie will make the grade and become a work of art in it's own right.

These ties are then brought into the studio and the evolution from simple tie to hand painted artwork is begun. A layer of gesso acts as the base for which the acrylic paint will be applied. At this stage it is critical to have a feel for the finished design as well as proportions for the elements involved.

Ann's finished designs fall into several categories; Pin-Up Girls, Musicians, Cartoon, Nudes and Semi-Nudes and Graphic Design. Please visit all of the Ties she has available to see if there is one that will fit your lifestyle.

These ties make a perfect gift for anyone. They can be worn anywhere and are "dry cleanable". They are also suitable for framing, and many of Ann's patrons do just that.

As these are all original artworks, some ties may not be available at all times. Please keep this in mind when making your choices, we try to keep the selection up to the minute, however, life, sometimes, gets away from us all.

Ann Lyneah Curtis,

& TieTackie
Hand Painted Neck Ties

Not Just the Same Old Tie for Daddy!

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