There is no moment as "true" as the one in which we offer a new life the opportunity to be born onto this world. From conception until birth we are guardians of another soul. What better way to revere this time than a permanent work of art incorporating artistic designs of real meaning to you now, and in the future.

The Belly Bowl is a simple and elegant artwork that can present elements of the time, utilizing the change in color of leaves to different season's flowers.

The pregnant body casting expands into full sculptural elegance. As with any of Ann's body castings, there are unlimited possibilities to consider. Torso only, or the addition of head and hands. Do you want artistic embellishments such as leaves and flowers, shells and tendrils, plain?

Just like the new life within, anything is possible.

The baby butt needs no explanation. It is what it is, a permanent reminder of the tiny spirit that has entered into your life. The "Bronzed SHoe" for the new century.

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  • belly bowel with leaves and branchs and butterfly
    the Celtic
    Belly Bowl
  • belly bowel with two hands and forget-me-nots
    Belly Bowl
    and Hands
  • belly bowel with one hand and holly
    Belly Bowl with
    Heart Shaped Hands

These pieces transverse time in their
eternal recognition of the beauty inherent
in the sanctity of life creation.

  • torso of belly and breast
    Pregnant Valentine
  • torso of belly and breast with leaves
    Pregnant Valentine
    with Leaves
  • pregnant torao with leaves
    Pregnant Torso

There is one moment in life
in which we give freely of ourselves to another life
this is perhaps our one true moment.

  • pregnant torao two sets of arms embracing
    New Beginnings
  • body casting with mother's hands in heart shape on belly
    Heart and

The baby's butt casting acts as a means
to recapture the tiniest of souls
as an eternal work of art.

  • baby's butt casting with ivy
    Baby's Butt
    with Ivy
  • baby's butt with dragonfly
    Baby's Butt
    with Dragonfly
  • baby's butt casting capped with row of stars
    Baby's Butt
    with Stars

There is a moment in it's first months,
when an infant comprehends
the nature of musculature and the art of grasping.
An artistic miracle, that happens so rarely
can be captured in these casting.

  • mother with infant's handmother with infant's hand
    Mother Holding
    Infant Hand