It takes only about Ten Minutes to Create a Face Casting, and under 25 minutes to make a cast of the double body. All of the initial castings are made in plaster gauze bandage. From this impression complete detail is achieved, smile lines, eye lashes & dimples are all captured in the initial cast.

Ann uses this as the mold by which any of the "finished" works in clay are to be achieved. By pressing a clay slab into the interior of the initial cast, all of the detail within it transfers to the exterior of the clay. Ann's innate abilities as an artist are then used to finish the commissioned order. Should the customer desire, Ann uses photographs of the subject to create the effect of "open" eyes.

Clay is a sculptural medium. It has been utilized throughout human history as a vehicle for art. Because of it's malleability, adjustments to the initial casting can easily be adapted to the client's wishes. Breast lifts, tummy tucks, wrinkle & double chin removal are all options that have been requested in the final work. Ann is able to work with these requests and yet maintain the character of each individual's features.

On it's own the human form is a work of art. Embellished with Ann's sculpting techniques the castings take on new dimensions. Fantasy offerings incorporating imagery, such as the design of Butterfly & Faerie, Dragon & Wolf Spirit which can be chosen to embellish her clientele's personal face castings.

The Actual Casting Begins with a light coat of vaseline to protect the eyebrows & eyelashes, mustache or beard. Medical grade plaster gauze bandages are dipped into warm water to rehydrate the plaster and make it creamy. In four quick steps the first layer of the face casting is completed. A small piece of the plaster gauze is applied between the nostrils. The second, and final, layer is immediately begun. When the last bandage is applied, approximately two minutes remain before the mould is removed.

For a face casting the whole process takes ten minutes or less.

At No Time Are the Nostrils Closed,

AND Nothing Impedes Breathing!

For Most of the Body Castings, as little as 12 to 17 minutes is all that is required to make the plaster gauze mold. A Double Body casting with the face included, takes no more than 25 minutes. The face being cast last, so that this part of the casting never takes longer than 10 minutes.

The Freshest Plaster Gauze Bandage is used to insure that the detail on the casting is as accurate as possible. This is the reason that…

Ann Lyneah Curtis
& Masquerade Life Casting
creates the Ultimate Portrait!