These sculptural works represent Ann's abilities pushed to their boundaries, from which she resoundingly proves her worth. There truly is no environment in which a life casting cannot be presented. Nor, are there limits to what can be cast into a finished work of lasting art.

Using influences from history, or creating works in current fashion, there is no other life casting artist with the limitless repertoire of choices and created works from life.

Here then, are examples of some of the more complex artworks created by Ann. When considering what you may want, keep in mind that this is Your Ultimate Portrait, whatever you can envision can be commissioned to your wish.

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  • neck and ear
    Neck & Ear
  • nck_ear_blu.png
    Head & Neck
    Blue with Black Rub

The Face, Neck and Ear casting expands
the canvas available, enhancing the decorative possibilities.
Floral, Sea Washed or Bronzed these finished moulds are
an Extension of your Inner Personality,
Reflected onto the Outer World.

  • 3/4 neck and ear with hair
    Irish Rose
  • maiden adorned with spring flowers
    the Mayflower
  • face, hands and harmonica
    Mermaid Princess

Our lives are complimented by the beauty
we allow into our immediate environment.
Nothing expresses this beauty more than a work or art.

  • hand on face with magnolias
  • head and neck on a round cameo, quartz crystals lit from behind
    Crystal Cameo
    with Illumination

By casting down onto the shoulders
the Castings reflect the Art of Portraiture
as passed down to us throughout the Ages,
an Eternal Statement of the Human Spirit

  • frontal bust with leaves and roses
    Frontal Bust
    with Leaves and Flowers
  • frontal bust with leaves and roses
    Extended Bust
    with Leaves

A work of art that incorporates our personality
adds an aliveness, humor and oneness.
Utilizing the face, then, expresses all of these traits,
offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to become the Art.

  • face and upper torso, draped with clay costume
    Renaissance Woman