In 2013, Ann Lyneah Curtis & Masquerade Life Casting moved into new territory invoking light and color. A client request led to the development of the "Cameo", designed on a 18th century memorial plaque. Continuing with that motif, Ann added quartz and illumination to feature in the "Crystal Cameo", a pewter glaze enhances the ethereal nature of the work. Color comes into play again in the "Blue Man". Another client described a Japanese mythological creature, whose skin is blue, leading to the creation of this piece. Whatever your desires, when it comes to custom portraiture, from simple to exotic, you can have complete control of your portrait and the environment you are presented in with Masquerade Life Casting.

Let your imagination soar,

become your fantasy,

with portraiture unlike anything you've seen before.

Masquerade Life Casting
Bringing the
Ultimate Portrait to your World!

It's here on this page that the newest works to Ann's repertoire will be highlighted from time to time. Come back again to see what's new in the world life castings.

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As with any of the styles and designs that you find throughout the site, these are ideas to inspire you when it comes to your personal life casting. Whatever the mind envisions can be created to your specifications. Let your imagination flow …