Ann's StoryBook MasterWorks, are a culmination of years of life casting and the love of drawing, painting and the blending of color. While in many instances the body casting is a canvas in it's own right, the incorporation of the painted background adds a further dimension and a framework. From this setting the story evolves into whatever fantasy you desire.

"By creating the canvas as the parchment these stories are written on, each piece can tell the Traveler's Tale from distant shores to Magic Mirrors. As in any good story, the art comes to life, literally springing from the page."

Become a Traveler in your own right, by entertaining the notion of having your story told here.

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  • torso and head casting, with hands opening the chest, loosing all the evils in the world, leaving hope on painted board
  • head, back and arm
    the Secret
  • two hands tied with rope adorned with black rose vines
    Beyond the
  • head, upper torso and both arms, with peacock feathered headpiece on painted canvas

In blending myth, life castings and painted canvases,
new visions of old parables are created
from which we can contemplate the knowledge
imparted by the ancients, while creating
an eternal work of art.

  • head, neck and ears, comboned with computer components with painted canvas
  • head and torso with feather wings

Life casting is like making a pact
with the future, "I will be here always".
The artistry adds substance to this promise.

  • head, upper torso and hands, with pearls and flowers on painted canvas with fabric
    the Enchanted