Ann's Workshops span the spectrum. You can opt for a 3 hour hands-on face casting workshop, to a more intensive 5 days, 15 hour schedule where you will work with the face, hands and whole body.

In all her classes, students are given the basic skills with which to establish the necessary rapport of working with their casting subject, how to make the casting with no discomfort to the subject, and how to do this quickly and effectively and be able to achieve the greatest detail in this process.

The Intensive classes take these skills further, by creating several finished works from the 'initial' plaster gauze castings. This process is then formated into knowledge that students can carry into future finished pieces of their own family and friends. This class will be using an air drying sculpting medium. This amazing product works much the same as working with clay and can be manipulated as such, without the time constraints of firing. Tools and decor are provided and encouraged in creating the final designs of the students artworks.

These classes will open students to the ancestry that they are a living part of, unveiling familial nuances not previously obvious. The revelatory aspect of the process expands the minds and the hearts of all who experience this remarkable Ultimate Portrait.

There are no classes scheduled for Texas in 2015.

The 5 day Intensive workshop will be held at McDaniel College during a 2 week arts and music event called "Common Ground On The Hill – Traditions Weeks".

Ann's class for 2015 will be held June 29th-July 3rd. You can reach them for further info through; or by calling 410-857-2771.

This year's class will focus on "Postcards to the Future". By incorporating castings and memorabilia, students are asked to document to the future their image of themselves today. A unique way to send "greetings" to your descendants and to those who will pass this way after us.

Students working with the air dry medium. Artwork created in the Intensive Workshop setting, face and hand castings and the decorated exterior of the "intial" cast.

Ann Lyneah Curtis
830 864 5327